Battle of Vitoria

At the Battle of Vitoria (21 June 1813) a British, Portuguese and Spanish army under the Marquess of Wellington broke the French army under King Joseph Bonaparte and Marshal Jean-Baptiste Jourdan near Vitoria in Spain, eventually leading to victory in the Peninsular War.

Battle of Vitoria
Part of the Peninsular War

Painting by George Jones
Date21 June 1813[1]
Location42°51′N 2°41′W
Result Allied victory[1]

French Empire

United Kingdom
Commanders and leaders

Joseph I
Jean-Baptiste Jourdan
Honoré Gazan

Count d'Erlon
Honoré Charles Reille

Marquess of Wellington
Lord Dalhousie
Sir Thomas Graham
Sir Rowland Hill
Sir Thomas Picton

Miguel Ricardo de Álava
Francisco de Longa
153 guns

: 57,000
: 16,000
: 8,000

Total Allied strength:
96 guns
Casualties and losses

756 killed
4,414 wounded
2,800 captured[2]
151 guns lost

Total French casualties:

: 3,675 killed, wounded or captured
: 921 killed, wounded or captured
: 562 killed, wounded or captured

Total Allied casualties in detail:
840 killed
4,040 wounded
266 captured[3]

Total Allied casualties:
Location within Spain
  current battle
  Wellington in command
  Wellington not in command