Belfast Labour Party

The Belfast Labour Party was a political party in Belfast, Ireland from 1892 until 1924.

Belfast Labour Party
LeaderDavid Robb Campbell (1920 – 1924)
Merged intoNorthern Ireland Labour Party
Social democracy
Trade unionism
British unionism
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationLabour Party (until 1913)

It was founded in 1892 by a conference of Belfast Independent Labour activists and trade unionists.[1] The party affiliated itself to the British Labour Representation Committee in 1900 and remained attached to its successor; the UK Labour Party.

Labour ran the Unionist Party close in Belfast North in a by-election in 1905 and in the general election of 1906 with William Walker as its candidate.[2][3]

In 1913, the Labour National Executive Committee agreed that the Irish Labour Party should have organising rights over the entirety of Ireland.[citation needed] The Belfast Labour Party disagreed with this and, faced with the British party's refusal to reconsider, formed the independent Belfast Labour Representation Committee, which declared itself a party in 1917.[citation needed]

The party won 12 seats on Belfast Corporation in 1920, but later lost these.[citation needed] Suffragette, Independent Labour and Co-operative activist Margaret McCoubrey in 1920 was elected a Labour councillor for the Dock ward of Belfast.[4] Nonetheless, the party came a very close second in Belfast West in the 1923 UK general election before forming with others the Northern Ireland Labour Party.