State Security Service (Belgium)

The State Security Service (VSSE) (known in Dutch as Staatsveiligheid; French: Sûreté de l'État) is a Belgian intelligence and security agency. Established in 1830, it is the oldest intelligence service except for the Vatican's.[1] The State Security is a civilian agency under the authority of the Ministry of Justice, while the military intelligence agency, the General Information and Security Service, operates under the authority of the Ministry of Defense.[2] The current Administrator-General is Jaak Raes, after his predecessor Alain Winants occupied the position between 2006 and 2014.[3] The VSSE takes part in a number of international intelligence cooperative relationships, such as the Club de Berne and the CTG. It has contacts with over 90 sister services across four continents.[4]

Veiligheid van de Staat - Sûreté de l'Etat
Agency overview
Headquarters6, Boulevard du Roi Albert, Brussels, Belgium
Annual budget€ 50 million
Agency executive
  • Jaak Raes, administrator-general
Parent agencyFederal Public Service Justice