Belgium–Denmark relations

Belgium - Denmark relations refers to the current and historical relations between Belgium and Denmark. Belgium has an embassy in Copenhagen,[1] while Denmark has an embassy in Brussels.[2] Both countries are members of the European Union and NATO. On 13 June 1841, diplomatic relations were established.[3]

Belgian-Danish relations




In 2002, Danish Queen Margrethe II visited Belgium during a state visit, by invitation of King Albert II.[4]

In 2017 King Philippe an Queen mathilde were received on invitation of Queen Margherethe during a state visit. The Queen gifted Queen Mathilde with the Order of the Elephant. Crown Princess Mary received the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Crown.[citation needed]

Relations of the Royal House

Both families are related, and have closes contact. In 2007 Queen Mathilde was asked to be the Godmother of Princess Isabella of Denmark.

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