Belgium–Uruguay relations

Belgium–Uruguay relations are the relations between Belgium and Uruguay. Belgium has an honorary consulate in Montevideo,[1] under the jurisdiction of the Belgian embassy in Buenos Aires.[2] Uruguay has an embassy in Brussels[3] (the ambassador being also concurrent to Luxembourg).

Belgium-Uruguay relations



Trade and investment

Embassy of Uruguay in Brussels

There are a series of bilateral agreements linking both countries:

The Belgian company Katoen Natie has an important container handling facility in the Port of Montevideo.[4]

Belgium is becoming a significant trading partner of Uruguay.[5]

Official visits

In 2008, the then Prince Philippe of Belgium visited Uruguay, together with many Belgian entrepreneurs interested in strengthening mutual trade relationships.[6]

In October 2011, Uruguayan President José Mujica paid an official visit to Belgium.[7]

In June 2018, Princess Astrid visited Montevideo.[8]

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