Berenice III

Berenice III (Greek: Βερενίκη; 12080 BC) was also known as Cleopatra, [2] lived between 91 and 88 BC. Modern scholars studying Berenice III refer to her sometimes as Cleopatra Berenice. She was co-ruler of Ptolemaic Egypt from 101–88 BC and again in 81 BC, before reigning as sole monarch of Egypt from 81 to 80 BC.

Berenice III
Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt
Reignwith Ptolemy X Alexander I (first reign)
with Ptolemy IX Soter (second reign)
with Ptolemy XI Alexander II
Born115/114 BC[1]
DiedApril 80 BC (aged 34–35)[1]
Alexandria, Egypt
SpousePtolemy X
Ptolemy XI Alexander II
IssueCleopatra V of Egypt
FatherPtolemy IX Soter
MotherCleopatra Selene

She had previously been queen consort of Egypt, or possibly queen regnant with her uncle/husband Ptolemy X Alexander I, from 101 to 88 BC.[1]