Bibliography of Stalinism and the Soviet Union

This is a select bibliography of post World War II English language books (including translations) and journal articles about Stalinism and the Stalinist era of Soviet history. Book entries have references to journal reviews about them when helpful and available.

State Emblem of the Soviet Union

Works included below are referenced positively in the notes or bibliographies of scholarly secondary sources or journals. Included works should either be published by an academic or notable publisher, be authored by a notable subject matter expert or have significant scholarly journal reviews. Additional bibliographies can be found in many of the book-length works listed below. Stephen Kotkin's biography of Stalin has an extensive bibliography; Stalin: Paradoxes of Power, 1878-1928[1][2] contains a 52-page bibliography and Stalin: Waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941[3][4] contains a 50-page bibliography covering both the life of Stalin and Stalinism in the Soviet Union.[lower-alpha 1] See Further Reading for several additional book and chapter length bibliographies worth consulting.

The period covered is 1924–1953, beginning approximately with the death of Lenin and ending approximately with the death of Stalin. This bibliography does not include the de-Stalinisation period.[lower-alpha 2]

Topics include the post-Lenin period of Stalin's consolidation of power from 1924 to 1926 and closely related topics such as the Soviet involvement in World War II, biographies of prominent individuals associated with the Stalinist era and the expansion of Stalinism during the immediate post World War II era. This bibliography does not include fiction, newspaper articles (expect in references), photo collections, or films created during or about Stalinism or the Stalinist Era.

This bibliography uses APA style citations.