Biju Janata Dal

The Biju Janata Dal (transl.Biju People's Party; abbr. BJD) is a regional political party in the Indian state of Odisha founded and led by Naveen Patnaik, the current Chief Minister of Odisha and the son of former Chief Minister of Odisha Biju Patnaik, after whom the party is named. It was founded on 26 December 1997.[8]

Biju Janata Dal
PresidentNaveen Patnaik
Lok Sabha LeaderPinaki Mishra
Rajya Sabha LeaderSasmit Patra
FounderNaveen Patnaik[1][2]
Founded26 December 1997 (25 years ago) (1997-12-26)
Split fromJanata Dal
Headquarters6R/3, Unit-6, Forest Park, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
Student wingBiju Chhatra Janata Dal
Youth wingBiju Yuva Janata Dal
Women's wingBiju Mahila Janata Dal
Labour wingBiju Shramik Samukhya
Peasant's wingBiju Krushak Janata Dal
Economic nationalism[5]
Political positionCentre-left[6]
Colours  Green
ECI StatusState Party[7]
AllianceNational Democratic Alliance (1998-2009)
Seats in Lok Sabha
12 / 543
Seats in Rajya Sabha
9 / 245
Seats in Odisha Legislative Assembly
114 / 147
Number of states and union territories in government
1 / 31
Election symbol
Party flag

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