Bisexual flag

The bisexual flag is a pride flag representing bisexuality, bisexual individuals and the bisexual community. The magenta stripe represents attraction to the same sex, while the blue stripe represents attraction to the opposite sex. The purple stripe, the resulting "overlap" of the blue and magenta stripes, represents attraction regardless of sex or gender.[1]

Bisexual flag
UseSymbol of the bisexual community
DesignThree solid horizontal bars: two fifths magenta, one fifth purple, and two fifths blue.
Designed byMichael Page
A physical version of the bisexual pride flag.

The flag was designed by Michael Page in 1998 to increase the visibility of bisexuals among society as a whole and within the LGBT community. He aimed to give the bisexual community a symbol that is comparable to the rainbow flag for the greater LGBT community. The first bisexual pride flag was unveiled at the BiCafe's first anniversary party[2] on December 5, 1998.[3]

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