Roman Catholic Diocese of Larino

The Italian Catholic diocese of Larino, in the province of Campobasso, Southern Italy, existed until 1986. In that year it was united into the diocese of Termoli-Larino. It was a suffragan of the archdiocese of Benevento.[1][2]


Larino is a mile from the site of the ancient Larinum, destroyed by war and epidemic, and is first mentioned as an episcopal see in 668.

Among the bishops were

  • Saint Pardus, traditionally named as the first bishop and said to have died in 650;
  • Giovanni Leone (1440), canonist and theologian;
  • Fra Giacomo de' Petruzzi, a philosopher;
  • Belisario Baldovino (1555), present at the Council of Trent, founder of the seminary and episcopal palace;
  • the Oratorian Gian Tommaso Eustachi (1612);
  • Carlo M. Pianetti (1706), who restored the cathedral, with its marble façade;
  • Gian Andrea Tri (1726), historian of Larino.[3]


  • Giacomo Sedati (1530–1539 Died)
  • Fernando de Mudana (1535–1551 Died)
  • Gian Francesco Borengo (1551–1555 Resigned)
  • Belisario Baldevino (1555–1591 Died)
  • Gerolamo Vela (1591–1611 Died)
  • Giovanni Tommaso Eustachio, C.O. (9 Jan 1612–1616 Resigned)
  • Gregorio Pomodoro (1616–1626 Died)
  • Pietro Paolo Caputo (1628–1629 Jul 1628 Died)
  • Persio Caracci (1631–1656 Resigned)
  • Ferdinando Apicello (1656–1682 Died)
  • Giambattista Quaranta (1683–1685 Died)[4]
  • Giuseppe Catalini (1686–1703 Died)[4]
  • Gregorio Compagni, O.P. (1703–1705 Died)[4][5]
  • Carlo Maria Pianetti (1706–1725 Died)[4]
  • Paolo Collia, O.M. (1725–1726 Appointed, Bishop of Nicotera)[4]
  • Giovanni Andrea Tria (seniore) (1726–1741 Resigned)[4]
  • Giovanni Andrea Tria, (iuniore) (II) (1742–1747 Died)
  • Scipione de' Lorenzi (1747–1772 Died)
  • Giovanni Antonio Francisco de Nobili, Sch. P. (1772–1774 Died)
  • Carlo d'Ambrosio (1775–1796 Died)
  • Philip Bandini (1798–1806 Died)
  • Raphael Lupoli, C.SS.R. (1818–1827 Died)
  • Vincenzo Rocca (1829–1845 Died)
  • Pietro Bottazzi (1845–1858 Died)
  • Francesco Giampaolo (1859–1888 Resigned)
  • Vito Antonio Fioni (1888–1891 Resigned)
  • Bernardino di Milia, O.F.M. Cap. (1891–1910 Died)
  • Emidio Trenta (1910–1914 Appointed, Bishop of Viterbo e Tuscania)
  • Antonio Lippolis (1915–1923 Appointed, Bishop of Ugento)
  • Oddo Bernacchia (1924–1960 Retired)
  • Costanzo Micci (1960–1966 Appointed, Apostolic Administrator of Fano)
  • Pietro Santoro (1970–1979 Appointed, Archbishop of Boiano-Campobasso)
  • Cosmo Francesco Ruppi (1980–1986 Appointed, Bishop of Termoli-Larino)


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