Blue House raid

The Blue House raid (also known in South Korea as the January 21 Incident) was a raid launched by North Korean commandos to assassinate the President of South Korea, Park Chung-hee, in his residence at the Blue House, on January 21, 1968. Of the 31 Korean People's Army (KPA) soldiers, 29 were killed or committed suicide, leaving 2 soldiers, of which one (Kim Shin-jo) was captured and the other (Pak Jae-gyong) fled back to North Korea. President Park was unharmed.

Blue House raid
Part of Korean conflict, Cold War

The Blue House, the official residence of the President of South Korea, in August 2010
DateJanuary 17, 1968 – January 29, 1968
Result South Korean and U.S. victory
South Korea
 United States
 North Korea
Commanders and leaders
Park Chung-hee
Charles Bonesteel
Kim Il-sung
Units involved
ROK 25th Infantry Division
ROK 26th Infantry Division (Elements)
U.S. 2nd Infantry Division (Elements)
U.S. 7th Infantry Division (Elements)
Unit 124
Casualties and losses
30 killed (26 South Koreans, 4 Americans)
66 wounded
29 killed and/or committed suicide
1 captured
1 fled
Blue House raid
1·21 사태
1·21 事態
Revised RomanizationIl·iil satae
McCune–ReischauerIl·iil sat'ae

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