Bosa (disambiguation)

Bosa is a town and comune in the Sardinia region of Italy.

Bosa may also refer to:


  • Bosa of York, 7th century Bishop of York
  • David Bosa (born 1992), Italian speed skater
  • Joey Bosa (born 1995), American football defensive end
  • John Bosa (born 1964), American football defensive tackle
  • Nick Bosa (borh 1997), American football defensive end
  • Peter Bosa (1927–1998), Canadian politician

Other uses

  • Bosa (Bogotá), a locality of Bogotá, Colombia
  • Boza, also Bosa, a fermented drink made from maize or wheat
  • Bi-directional optical sub-assembly, a type of electro-optical component

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