Brakna Region

Brakna (Arabic: ولاية البراكنة) is a region in south-west Mauritania. Its capital is Aleg. Other major cities/towns include Boghé. The region borders the Mauritanian regions of Tagant to the north-east, Assaba and Gorgol to the south-east, and Trarza to the north-west. The Sénégal River in the south-west runs along the region's border with Senegal.

ولاية البراكنة
Coordinates: 17°38′N 13°25′W
Country Mauritania
  Total33,800 km2 (13,100 sq mi)
 (2013 census)
  Density9.2/km2 (24/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+0
  Summer (DST)not observed
HDI (2017)0.498[1]

As of 2013, the population of the region was 312,277, compared to 309,307 in 2011. There were 46.96 per cent females and 53.04 per cent males. As of 2008, the activity rate was 40.30 and economic dependency ratio was 1.01. As of 2008, the literacy rate for people aged 15 years and over was 50.30. The net enrollment ratio of children for secondary level was 7.10 per cent.

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