British Arabs

British Arabs (Arabic: عرب بريطانيا) are citizens or residents of the United Kingdom that are of Arab ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritage or identity from different Arab countries. Arabs also come non-Arab countries as ethnic minorities.

British Arabs
عرب بريطانيا
Total population
England: 230,556 (2011 census)
Wales: 9,989 (2011 census)
Scotland: 9,366 (2011 census)
Regions with significant populations
London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle upon Tyne, Leicester, Nottingham, York
Arabic (160,000 native speakers in England and Wales[citation needed]) · British English
Islam (Sunni, Shia; also Sufi);
Christianity (Orthodox, Catholic, Melkite, Protestantism, Anglican, etc.)
Related ethnic groups
'Other Ethnic Group' (UK Census), Arabs

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