Bryan Donkin

Bryan Donkin FRS FRAS[1] (22 March 1768 – 27 February 1855) developed the first paper making machine and created the world's first commercial canning factory. These were the basis for large industries that continue to flourish today. Bryan Donkin was involved with Thomas Telford's Caledonian Canal, Marc and Isambard Brunel's Thames Tunnel, and Charles Babbage's computer. He was an advisor to the government and held in high esteem by his peers.

Bryan Donkin
Born22 March 1768 (1768-03-22)
Died27 February 1855 (1855-02-28) (aged 86)
Bermondsey, London
Resting placeNunhead Cemetery
Known forPaper making machine and canning process
Spouse(s)Mary Brames
Parent(s)John Donkin and Jane Soppitt

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