Burgraviate of Nuremberg

The Burgraviate of Nuremberg (German: Burggrafschaft Nürnberg) was a state of the Holy Roman Empire from the early 12th to the late 15th centuries. As a burgraviate, it was a county seated in the town of Nuremberg; almost two centuries passed before the burgraviate lost power over the city, which became independent from 1219. Eventually, the burgraviate was partitioned to form Brandenburg-Ansbach and Brandenburg-Bayreuth.

Burgraviate of Nuremberg
Burggrafschaft Nürnberg
Flag of Nuremberg, Burgraviate
Flag under the Raabs
Coat of arms underthe Hohenzollern of Nuremberg, Burgraviate
Coat of arms under
the Hohenzollern
Historical eraMiddle Ages
 First documentary

 Burgraviate granted
    to House of Raabs
 City administration

 Raabs line extinct;
    to Hohenzollern
 Großer Freiheitsbrief
    granted to city

 Raised to
    princely status

 Burgraviate sold to
    city, exc. Blutgericht

1427 1440
 Partitioned to
    Ansbach & Bayreuth

Preceded by
Succeeded by
Or, a lion rampant sable, langued and armed gules, overall a ribband argent Prince-Bishopric of Bamberg
Imperial City of Nuremberg Dimidiated per pale: Or, a double-headed eagle displayed sable and bendy azure and gules
Brandenburg-Ansbach Or a lion rampant sable, queue fourchée, crowned gules
Brandenburg-Bayreuth Quartered, first and third: Party per cross argent and sable; second and fourth: Or, a lion rampant sable, armed langued and crowned gules, bordured gyronny argent and gules; overall a Reuthaken sinister sable and a Reuthaken argent
Today part ofGermany
Coat of arms of the Hohenzollern as burgraves, in a stained glass window at Hohenzollern Castle
Nuremberg Imperial Castle
The Burgrave's Castle
Cadolzburg Castle (from 1260 seat of the Burgraves)

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