Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong

The Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong (BPA) is a pro-business pro-Beijing political party in Hong Kong. Chaired by Lo Wai-kwok, the party is currently the second-largest party in the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, holding eight seats. It also has two representatives in the Executive Council and five seats in the District Councils.

Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong
ChairmanLo Wai-kwok
Vice-ChairmenJeffrey Lam
Christopher Cheung
Priscilla Leung
Kenneth Lau
Ng Wing-ka
Founded7 October 2012; 8 years ago (2012-10-07)
Merger ofEconomic Synergy
Professional Forum
Headquarters3204A, 32/F, Tower 1,
Admiralty Centre,
18 Harcourt Road,
Hong Kong
IdeologyConservatism (HK)
Economic liberalism
Political positionCentre-right
Regional affiliationPro-Beijing camp
Colours   Blue and green
Slogan"Business Drives Economy,
Improves Livelihood"
Executive Council
2 / 33
Legislative Council
8 / 70
District Councils
5 / 479
NPC (HK deputies)
1 / 36
CPPCC (HK members)
6 / 124
Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong
Traditional Chinese香港經濟民生聯盟
Simplified Chinese香港经济民生联盟

The Alliance came into existence on 7 October 2012 after the 2012 Legislative Council election, as a rebranding of a loose pro-business parliamentary group including Economic Synergy and Professional Forum, as well as two other nonpartisan legislators who mostly came from trade-based functional constituencies consisting of Hong Kong's leading chambers of commerce or business sectors. Out of the seven founding legislators, the party's only directly elected representative was Priscilla Leung of Kowloon West.

The party immediately emerged as the second-largest party in the legislature, overtaking the Liberal Party who had an uneasy relationship with Beijing as the representative for the big business interests. It also slowly expanded its grassroots by absorbing Priscilla Leung's Kowloon West New Dynamic and won 10 seats in the 2015 District Council election. The Alliance retained its seven seats in the 2016 Legislative Council election which saw its party chairman Andrew Leung elected as the Legislative Council President.