By-elections to the 26th Canadian Parliament

By-elections to the 26th Canadian Parliament were held to fill vacancies in the House of Commons of Canada between the 1963 federal election and the 1965 federal election. The Liberal Party of Canada led a minority government for the entirety of the 26th Canadian Parliament, with no change from by-elections.

Six vacant seats were filled through by-elections.

Westmorland November 9, 1964 Sherwood Rideout      Liberal Margaret Rideout      Liberal Death Yes
Waterloo South November 9, 1964 Gordon Chaplin      Progressive Conservative Max Saltsman      New Democratic Death No
Nipissing June 22, 1964 Jack Garland      Liberal Carl Legault      Liberal Death Yes
Saskatoon June 22, 1964 Henry Frank Jones      Progressive Conservative Eloise Jones      Progressive Conservative Death Yes
Laurier February 10, 1964 Lionel Chevrier      Liberal Fernand-E. Leblanc      Liberal Resignation Yes
Saint-Denis February 10, 1964 Azellus Denis      Liberal Marcel Prud'Homme      Liberal Resignation Yes