By-elections to the 30th Canadian Parliament

By-elections to the 30th Canadian Parliament were held to fill vacancies in the House of Commons of Canada between the 1974 federal election and the 1979 federal election. The Liberal Party of Canada led a majority government for the entirety of the 30th Canadian Parliament, though their number did decrease from by-elections.

27 seats became vacant during the life of the Parliament. 25 of these vacancies were filled through by-elections, and 2 seats remained vacant when the 1979 federal election was called.

Burnaby—Richmond—Delta October 16, 1978 John Reynolds      Progressive Conservative Tom Siddon      Progressive Conservative Resignation Yes
St. Boniface October 16, 1978 Joseph-P. Guay      Liberal Jack Hare      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
Fundy—Royal October 16, 1978 Gordon Fairweather      Progressive Conservative Robert Corbett      Progressive Conservative Resignation Yes
Humber—St. George's—St. Barbe October 16, 1978 Jack Marshall      Progressive Conservative Fonse Faour      New Democratic Resignation No
Halifax—East Hants October 16, 1978 Bob McCleave      Progressive Conservative Howard Edward Crosby      Progressive Conservative Resignation Yes
Broadview October 16, 1978 John Gilbert      New Democratic Bob Rae      New Democratic Resignation Yes
Eglinton October 16, 1978 Mitchell Sharp      Liberal Rob Parker      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
Hamilton—Wentworth October 16, 1978 Sean O'Sullivan      Progressive Conservative Geoff Scott      Progressive Conservative Resignation Yes
Ottawa Centre October 16, 1978 Hugh Poulin      Liberal Robert de Cotret      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
Parkdale October 16, 1978 Stan Haidasz      Liberal Yuri Shymko      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
Rosedale October 16, 1978 Donald S. Macdonald      Liberal David Crombie      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
York—Scarborough October 16, 1978 Robert Stanbury      Liberal W. Paul McCrossan      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
Lotbinière October 16, 1978 André Fortin      Social Credit Richard Janelle      Social Credit Death Yes
Saint-Hyacinthe October 16, 1978 Claude Wagner      Progressive Conservative Marcel Ostiguy      Liberal Resignation No
Westmount October 16, 1978 Bud Drury      Liberal Don Johnston      Liberal Resignation Yes
Malpeque May 24, 1977 J. Angus MacLean      Progressive Conservative Donald Wood      Liberal Resignation No
Langelier May 24, 1977 Jean Marchand      Liberal Gilles Lamontagne      Liberal Resignation Yes
Louis-Hébert May 24, 1977 Albanie Morin      Liberal Dennis Dawson      Liberal Death Yes
Témiscamingue May 24, 1977 Réal Caouette      Social Credit Gilles Caouette      Social Credit Death Yes
Terrebonne May 24, 1977 Joseph-Roland Comtois      Liberal Joseph-Roland Comtois      Liberal Resignation Yes
Verdun May 24, 1977 Bryce Mackasey      Liberal Raymond Savard      Liberal Resignation Yes
St. John's West October 18, 1976 Walter Carter      Progressive Conservative John C. Crosbie      Progressive Conservative Resignation Yes
Ottawa—Carleton October 18, 1976 John Turner      Liberal Jean Pigott      Progressive Conservative Resignation No
Restigouche October 14, 1975 Jean-Eudes Dubé      Liberal Maurice Harquail      Liberal Resignation Yes
Hochelaga October 14, 1975 Gérard Pelletier      Liberal Jacques Lavoie      Progressive Conservative Resignation No

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