By-elections to the 41st Canadian Parliament

By-elections to the 41st Canadian Parliament were held to fill vacancies in the House of Commons of Canada between the 2011 federal election and the 2015 federal election. The 41st Canadian Parliament existed from 2011 to 2015 with the membership of its House of Commons having been determined by the results of the Canadian federal election held on May 2, 2011. The Conservative Party of Canada had a majority government during this Parliament.

By-elections to the
41st Canadian Parliament

 2008–2011 2011–2015 2015–2019 

Results by riding. Different shading indicated party strength in the riding.

One by-election was held in March 2012, three more in November 2012, one in May 2013; and four were held November 25, 2013. Four more by-elections were held on June 30, 2014, and another two were held on November 17, 2014.

At dissolution, three by-elections were pending, in Peterborough, Sudbury, and Ottawa West—Nepean and had been called for October 19, 2015 which was also anticipated to be the date of the next federal election. As the writ for a general election called for the same date was dropped on August 2, 2015, the by-elections were cancelled and superseded by the general election. Barrie was also a vacant seat as of May 13, 2015, due to the resignation of Patrick Brown, but parliament was dissolved before a by-election could be called.[1]

A further by-election was to be called following an Ontario Superior Court decision voiding the result in Etobicoke Centre but the Supreme Court of Canada overturned that ruling on October 25, 2012, upholding the original election result.[2]

By-elections must be called within 180 days of the Chief Electoral Officer being officially notified of a vacancy. Under the Canada Elections Act, the minimum length of a campaign is 36 days between dropping the writ and election day.[3]