Reinfeldt Cabinet

The cabinet of Fredrik Reinfeldt (Swedish: Regeringen Reinfeldt) was the cabinet of Sweden from 2006 to 2014. It was a coalition cabinet consisting of the four parties in the centre-right Alliance for Sweden: the Moderate Party, Centre Party, Liberal People's Party and the Christian Democrats.

Fredrik Reinfeldt's cabinet

52nd Cabinet of Sweden
Date formed6 October 2006
Date dissolved3 October 2014
People and organisations
Head of stateCarl XVI Gustaf
Head of governmentFredrik Reinfeldt
Deputy head of governmentMaud Olofsson (2006-2010)
Jan Björklund (2010-2014)
No. of ministers25
Member partyModerate Party
Liberal People's Party
Centre Party
Christian Democrats
Status in legislatureCoalition majority government (2006-2010)
Coalition minority government (2010-2014)
Election(s)2006 election
2010 election
PredecessorPersson's cabinet
SuccessorLöfven's cabinet

The cabinet was installed on 6 October 2006, following the 2006 general election which ousted the Social Democrats after twelve years in power. It retained power after the 2010 general election as a minority government, and was the longest-serving consecutive non-social democratic government since the cabinet of Erik Gustaf Boström in 1900. It was led by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt of the Moderate Party.