Campaign for the North

Campaign for the North is a Think Tank which seeks to address the North-South Divide and establish a Regional Government for the North of England covering the six historic counties of the region.[1][2] The Campaign promotes a devo-max settlement and, in doing so, aims to create a Northern Government with tax-raising powers and responsibility for policy areas including economic development, education, health, policing and emergency services.[3][4]

Goals of the Campaign

  • A Northern Government and a directly elected Parliament for the North of England
  • A major reform of local government – removing a layer of administration
  • Constitutional reform and a new House of Lords more representative of the regions
  • The merger of the North’s 11 police forces into a single Police Service of Northern England
  • A ‘whole system’ approach to health, social care and welfare
  • Investment in education and the guarantee of a ‘fair deal’ for young people
  • The creation of a ‘Bank of the North’, partly inspired by the German Landesbank regional banking system.
  • A 10-year transport plan for the North, with electrification and new trains
  • Sustainability at the heart of Government and more support for the North’s environment

The Campaign is chaired by Dr Harold Elletson, former MP for Blackpool North between 1992–1997, and is supported by a variety of prominent Northern commentators including Professor Munro Price, an award-winning Historian.

See also

  • Northern Party. This British political party, formed by key members of the think tank, campaigned for the transfer of power from Westminster to the north of England. It registered as a political party in 2015 and deregistered the following year.[5]


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