Canada East

Canada East (French: Canada-Est) was the northeastern portion of the United Province of Canada.[2] Lord Durham's Report investigating the causes of the Upper and Lower Canada Rebellions recommended merging those two colonies. The new colony, known as the Province of Canada, was created by the Act of Union 1840 passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, having effect in 1841. For administrative purposes, the new Province was subdivided into Canada West and Canada East. The former name of "Lower Canada" came back into official use in 1849, and as of the Canadian Confederation of 1867, it formed the newly created province of Quebec.

Canada East
Canada-Est  (French)
StatusBritish colony
Common languagesFrench, English
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
Historical eraPre-Confederation Era
10 February 1841
1 July 1867
ISO 3166 codeCA
Today part ofCanada

An estimated 890,000 people lived in Canada East in 1851.[1]