Capture of USS President

The capture of USS President was one of many naval actions fought at the end of the War of 1812. The frigate USS President tried to break out of New York Harbor but was intercepted by a British squadron of four warships and forced to surrender.

Capture of USS President
Part of the War of 1812

The USS "President" Engaging the British Squadron, 1815 by Fitz Henry Lane
Date15 January 1815
Location40.509°N 73.943°W / 40.509; -73.943
Result British victory
United Kingdom United States
Commanders and leaders
John Hayes Stephen Decatur  (POW)
4 frigates 1 frigate
Casualties and losses
11 killed
14 wounded
1 frigate damaged
35 killed
70 wounded
440 captured
1 frigate captured

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