4th Carabinieri Mounted Regiment

The 4th Carabinieri Mounted Regiment (Italian: 4° Reggimento Carabinieri a Cavallo) is an Italian Carabinieri mounted police unit of the 1st Carabinieri Mobile Brigade. The regiment is tasked with riot control and rural patrol. It was formed on 1 April 1963 by merging smaller existing mounted units of the Carabinieri.

4th Carabinieri Mounted Regiment
4° Reggimento Carabinieri a Cavallo
Country Italy
Branch Carabinieri
RoleMounted units
Rural patrol
Part of1st Carabinieri Mobile Brigade
Garrison/HQ"Tor Di Quinto" Barracks, Rome
Anniversaries30 April (Battle of Pastrengo)
Col. Paolo Galvaligi

A Colonel commands the Regiment, which is located at the barracks "Tor di Quinto" in Rome. The Carabinieri Regiment is popular for their famous horse carousel that reaches reenacts the Carabinieri's charge at the Battle of Pastrengo.

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