Carloman of Bavaria

Carloman (German: Karlmann, Latin: Karlomannus; c. 830 – 22 March 880) was a Frankish king of the Carolingian dynasty. He was the eldest son of Louis the German, king of East Francia, and Hemma, daughter of a Bavarian count. His father appointed him governor of Carantania in 856, and commander of southeastern frontier marches in 864. Upon his father's death in 876 he became King of Bavaria. He was appointed by King Louis II of Italy as his successor, but the Kingdom of Italy was taken by his uncle Charles the Bald in 875. Carloman only conquered it in 877. In 879 he was incapacitated, perhaps by a stroke, and abdicated his domains in favour of his younger brothers: Bavaria to Louis the Younger and Italy to Charles the Fat.

Carloman (Karlomannus rex Bawariae), from a 12th-century manuscript
King of Bavaria
Reign28 August 876 – 879
PredecessorLouis II
SuccessorLouis III
King of Italy
PredecessorCharles II
SuccessorCharles III
Bornc. 830
Died22 March 880
Ötting, Bavaria
FatherLouis II