Carnegie Hill

Carnegie Hill is a neighborhood within the Upper East Side, in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Its boundaries are 86th Street on the south, Fifth Avenue (Central Park) on the west, with a northern boundary at 98th Street that continues just past Park Avenue and turns south to 96th Street and proceeds east up to, but not including, Third Avenue.[1][2] The neighborhood is part of Manhattan Community District 8.

The Andrew Carnegie Mansion is a neighborhood landmark and its namesake structure

In the 2000s, the perceived northern boundary on Park Avenue has edged over 96th Street into what was traditionally Spanish Harlem,[3] leading to that area sometimes being called Upper Carnegie Hill, especially by real-estate brokers.[4] According to the official Carnegie Hill Neighbors website, the Carnegie Hill neighborhood extends from 86th to 98th Streets, from Fifth Avenue up to, but not including, Third Avenue.[5]

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