Carnuntum (Carnous, Καρνοῦς, in Ancient Greek according to Ptolemy) was a Roman legionary fortress (castra legionis) and headquarters of the Pannonian fleet from 50 AD. After the 1st century, it was capital of the Pannonia Superior province. It also became a large city of 50,000 inhabitants.[1][2]

The legionary fortress, auxiliary fort and town (canabae)
Shown within Austria
LocationLower Austria, Austria
RegionPannonia Superior
Coordinates48°07′N 16°52′E
PeriodsRoman Empire
Plan of legionary fortress

Its impressive remains are situated on the Danube in Lower Austria halfway between Vienna and Bratislava in the Carnuntum Archaeological Park extending over an area of 10 km2 near today's villages of Petronell-Carnuntum and Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.

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