Carpenter and Westley

Carpenter and Westley were a British optical, mathematical and scientific instrument makers between 1808 and 1914. The company was founded by Philip Carpenter (18 November 1776, Kidderminster – 20 April 1833, London)[1] and, after his death, was continued by his sister Mary Carpenter alongside former apprentice William Westley.[2] The company's contribution to the development of magic lanterns was significant and Philip Carpenter pioneered the use of copperplate slides.[3]

Carpenter and Westley
IndustryOptical instruments
PredecessorPhilip Carpenter
FounderPhilip Carpenter
Birmingham (1808–1826), London (1826–1914)
Key people
Philip Carpenter, William Westley, Mary Carpenter
ProductsMagic lanterns, kaleidoscopes, spectacles, scientific instruments

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