Carrasco Polo Club

Carrasco Polo Club is a Uruguayan sports club from the Carrasco neighbourhood of Montevideo. Its name references directly the polo team and the fact that Carrasco has one of Uruguay's leading equestrian centres. Apart from polo, the club hosts a large variety of sports, such as equitation, field hockey, football, rugby union and tennis.[2]

Carrasco Polo club
Full nameCarrasco Polo Club
Founded1933; 89 years ago (1933)
GroundCno. Brig. Gral. Servando Gómez 2749
LocationCarrasco, Montevideo,
League(s)Campeonato Uruguayo (Rugby)
AffiliationsURU (Rugby)
ActivitiesEquitation, field hockey, football, polo, rugby union, tennis
Santiago Slinger [1]

The rugby union team currently competes in Campeonato Uruguayo, the first division of Uruguayan league system. Carrasco Polo is the most successful rugby club of Uruguay, with 26 championships won.[3]

The club's main rival is Old Christians.

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