Castle of Serravalle

The Castle of Serravalle (Italian: Castello di Serravalle) is a medieval castle in Bosa, province of Oristano, Sardinia, Italy.

Castle of Serravalle
Castello di Serravalle
Castle in Bosa
Castle of Serravalle
Coordinates40.297451°N 8.50473°E / 40.297451; 8.50473
Site history
Built12 century


It's named after the hill, overlooking the town of Bosa, on which it was built by the ancient Tuscany Malaspina family in the 12th century. [1]It is on top of the hill of Serravalle, and it can be reached by a long, steep staircase. The first nucleus of the Serravalle Castle was built on the homonymous hill: the date of its construction, traditionally fixed in 1121 by the humanist and historian Giovanni Francesco Fara[2] is to be postponed, with the contribution of the excavations conducted by the archaeologist Marco Milanese, around the second half of 13th century[3]

In the vast Place-of-arms is located the small church of Our Lady de Sos Regnos Altos, the palatine chapel of the castle. In the interior of the sanctuary there are series of frescoes dating from the 14th century.[4]


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