Catholic Apostolic Church

The Catholic Apostolic Church (CAC), also known as the Irvingian Church, is a Christian denomination which originated in Scotland around 1831 and later spread to Germany and the United States.[1] The tradition to which the Catholic Apostolic Church belongs is referred to as Irvingism or the Irvingian movement after Edward Irving (1792–1834).

Church of Christ the King, Bloomsbury, which belongs to the trustees of the CAC.

The church was organised in 1835 with the fourfold ministry of "apostles, prophets, evangelists, and pastors".[2]

As a result of schism within the Catholic Apostolic Church, other Irvingian Christian denominations emerged, including the Old Apostolic Church, New Apostolic Church, Reformed Old Apostolic Church and United Apostolic Church; of these, the New Apostolic Church is the largest Irvingian Christian denomination today, with 16 million members.[3][4]

Irvingism teaches three sacraments: Baptism, Holy Communion and Holy Sealing.[5][6]

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