Catriona Grant

Catriona Mary Grant is a former co-chair and former women's officer of the Scottish Socialist Party.[1] She was instrumental in the split from the CWI international which established the SSP during the "Scottish Debate" of the late-90s.[2][3]

She was the chair of the Edinburgh Old Town Community Council[4] and an active member of Save Our Old Town.[5] She is also an active campaigner for abortion rights[6] against domestic abuse and sexual exploitation.[7]

In 2008, she was nominated as a "local heroine" in Scottish Women's Aid's national survey, conducted for international women's day.[citation needed]

Other information

She was one of several SSP members who gave evidence during the Sheridan libel trial co-chairing the meeting of 9 November, which became a pivotal point in the trial[8] She was also a witness at the subsequent perjury trial HM Advocate v Sheridan and Sheridan.[citation needed]

She works as Senior Social Worker in Edinburgh, and was one of the co-ordinators on the GIRFEC project.[citation needed]