Census in Australia

The Census in Australia, officially the Census of Population and Housing, is the national census in Australia that occurs every five years.[1] The census collects key demographic, social and economic data from all people in Australia on census night, including overseas visitors and residents of Australian external territories, only excluding foreign diplomats.[2] The census is the largest and most significant statistical event in Australia and is run by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).[3] Every person must complete the census, although some personal questions are not compulsory.[4] The penalty for failing to complete the census after being directed to by the Australian Statistician is one federal penalty unit, or A$220.[5] The Australian Bureau of Statistics Act 1975 and Census and Statistics Act 1905 authorise the ABS to collect, store, and share anonymised data.[6]

Census of Population and Housing

 2016   2021 

ABS House, the headquarters for the Australian Bureau of Statistics
General information
Total population23,401,892
Most populous regionNew South Wales (7,480,228)
Least populous regionJervis Bay Territory (391)

The most recent census was held on 9 August 2016, with the data released on 2 July 2017.[7][3] The next census will be held on 10 August 2021, with the census test being held on 27 October 2020 with 100,000 households in Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin and Canberra, as well as Karratha, Warrnambool and surrounds.[8] The first Australian census was held on 2 April 1911.[9]