Central Canada

Central Canada (French: Centre du Canada, sometimes the Central provinces) is a region consisting of Canada's two largest and most populous provinces: Ontario and Quebec.[1] Geographically, they are not at the centre of Canada but instead overlap with Eastern Canada toward the east. Because of their large populations, Ontario and Quebec have traditionally held a significant amount of political power in Canada, leading to some amount of resentment from other regions of the country. Before Confederation, the term "Canada" specifically referred to Central Canada. Today, the term "Central Canada" is less often used than the names of the individual provinces.

Central Canada
Map of Central Canada, defined politically
Map of Central Canada, defined politically
Largest cityToronto
Largest metroGreater Toronto Area
  Total2,265,154 km2 (874,581 sq mi)
  Density9.5/km2 (25/sq mi)

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