Central Pashto

Central Pashto (Pashto: منځنۍ پښتو) (manźanəi pax̌to) are the middle dialects: Dzadrāṇi, Banusi and Waziri.[2][3] These dialects are affected by what Ibrahim Khan terms as the "the Great Karlāṇ Vowel Shift".[4]

Central Pashto
Native toAfghanistan, Pakistan
EthnicityPashtuns (Pax̌tūn)
Native speakers
6.5 million (2013)[1]
Arabic (Pashto alphabet)
Official status
Regulated byAcademy of Sciences of Afghanistan
Language codes
ISO 639-3pst

Here is a comparison of Middle Dialects with South Eastern:

Central Dialects ښ ږ څ ځ ژ
Waziri ʃ ʒ t͡s d͡z ʒ
Dzadrāṇi[5] ç ʝ t͡s d͡z ʒ
Banusi[6] ʃ ʒ t͡s, s d͡z, z ʒ