Central Region, Scotland

Central Region (Roinn Meadhanach in Gaelic) was a local government region of Scotland from 1975 to 1996, one of twelve such bodies across the country. The Regional Council's HQ was at Viewforth in Stirling, which had been previously the HQ of Stirlingshire County Council. It is now divided into the council areas of Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling, which had previously been districts within Central.

Central Regional Council Logo
Map of Scotland showing the former Central region

At the time of the local government reorganization of 1975, there was discussion on where the new region should be based – the options being Falkirk or Stirling, the latter of which was chosen as the county council had just finished construction of a new office building at Viewforth in the town in 1972.

The Dunblane massacre occurred within the last month of Central Regional Council's existence at one of its primary schools, in Dunblane. Responsibility for Dunblane Primary School was transferred to the new Stirling Council on the first day of its operations on 1 April 1996 when the Scottish Regional Councils disbanded under the reorganisation act of 1994. 10 days later, on 11 April 1996, the school gym where the massacre took place was demolished by the new council. The school was entirely refurbished in 1998.


There were three districts within Central region, these were:

The Central Scotland Police force, created in 1975 using the same boundaries as the region, was merged into Police Scotland in 2013 with its territory forming one of the second-level divisions from that point. At the same time, the Central Scotland Fire and Rescue Service became part of the new Scottish Service.

There continues to be electoral, valuation, and health boards for the area; the latter is called NHS Forth Valley.