Centre for Inquiry Canada

The Centre for Inquiry Canada (CFIC) is a not-for-profit educational organization with headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Canadian organization was founded as a member and volunteer driven organization in 2007. It is the Canadian affiliate of CFI Transnational. Their primary mission is to provide education and training to the public in the application of skeptical, secular, rational and humanistic inquiry through conferences, symposia, lectures, published works and the maintenance of a library.[1]

Centre for Inquiry Canada (CFIC)
TypeNot-for-Profit Educational Organization
FocusPublic understanding of science, secular ethics, skepticism
MethodResearch, education, outreach, and advocacy
Key people
Current: Gus Lyn-Piluso, Seanna Watson
Former: Kevin Smith, Justin Trottier, Derek Pert, Michael Payton, Eric Adriaans

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