Chairman of the Conservative Party

The Chairman of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom is responsible for party administration and overseeing the Conservative Campaign Headquarters, formerly Conservative Central Office.

Chairman of the
Conservative Party
Ben Elliot and Oliver Dowden

since 15 September 2021
AppointerLeader of the Conservative Party
Term lengthAt the pleasure of the Leader of the Conservative Party
Inaugural holderArthur Steel-Maitland
DeputyJustin Tomlinson

When the Conservatives are in government, the officeholder is usually a member of the Cabinet holding a sinecure position such as Minister without Portfolio. Deputy or Vice Chairmen of the Conservative Party may also be appointed, with responsibility for specific aspects of the party (most notably local government, women or youth). The Conservative Party is currently co-chaired by Oliver Dowden, who was appointed in a cabinet reshuffle on 15 September 2021, and Ben Elliot, who has been Co-Chairman since July 2019. Justin Tomlinson MP is Deputy Chairman.[citation needed]

The role was created in 1911 in response to the Conservative party's defeat in the second 1910 general election. The position is not subject to election, as it is given by the party leader.[1]