The Chatti (also Chatthi or Catti) were an ancient Germanic tribe[1][2] whose homeland was near the upper Weser (Visurgis).[3][4] They lived in central and northern Hesse and southern Lower Saxony, along the upper reaches of that river and in the valleys and mountains of the Eder and Fulda regions, a district approximately corresponding to Hesse-Kassel, though probably somewhat more extensive. They settled within the region in the first century B.C. According to Tacitus,[5] the Batavians and Cananefates of his time, tribes living within the Roman Empire, were descended from part of the Chatti, who left their homeland after an internal quarrel drove them out, to take up new lands at the mouth of the Rhine.

The approximate positions of some Germanic peoples reported by Graeco-Roman authors in the 1st century.