Cheonghae Unit

The Republic of Korea Navy Somali Sea Escort Task Group (Korean: 대한민국 해군 소말리아 해역 호송전대), also known as "Cheonghae" Unit (Korean: 청해부대, Hanja: 淸海部隊) was established by the Republic of Korea Navy to protect civilian ships near the coast of Somalia under Combined Task Force 151.[1][2] The naval task force is named after the historical 9th-century Korean military base Cheonghaejin.[3]

Cheonghae Unit
Insignia of the Cheonghae nit
ActiveMarch 3, 2009 present
Country South Korea
Branch Republic of Korea Navy
TypeNaval task force
RoleAnti-piracy, counter-terrorism
Part ofCombined Task Force 151
CaptainCho Young-joo[1]
Banner of the Cheonghae Unit

Deployed from Jinhae Naval Base, the modern-day unit is responsible for safely escorting hundreds of commercial vessels and several rescues involving ships from The Bahamas, Denmark, North Korea and South Korea. In January 2011, commandos in the Cheonghae Unit successfully executed a highly publicized rescue of a South Korean tanker, freeing crew members held hostage by Somali pirates.[4]