Chiba International Cross Country

The Chiba International Cross Country is an annual cross country running competition which takes place in Chiba, Japan in mid-February. It is one of the IAAF permit meetings which serve as qualifying events for the IAAF World Cross Country Championships.[1]

Chiba International Cross Country
The races are held in the Showa Forest near Chiba
LocationChiba, Japan
Event typeCross country
Distance12 km and 4 km for men
6 km for women
8 km junior men
5 km junior women

Initiated in 1966,[2] the Chiba Cross Country is held in Showa-No-Mori Park and features a competition schedule of eight races.[3] These include a senior men's long course (12 km), a senior women's course (6 km), and a senior men's short course (4 km). Furthermore, there are three races for junior athletes which are of shorter distances, as well as two 3 km races for high school runners.[4]

Four of the races act as qualifiers for the World Cross Country Championship: the men's 12 km and the women's 6 km allow athletes to enter the senior world competition while the junior men's 8 km and junior women's 5 km enable runners to qualify for the junior section of the championships.[5] The competition is one of three in which Japanese athletes can qualify for the World Championships; the others being the annual Fukuoka International Cross Country and the biennial Asian Cross Country Championships.[6]

Over a thousand runners compete at the meeting each year, although the attendance record set in 1991 featured nearly twice as many participants.[2] A select number of international athletes are invited to compete each year, although the majority of the field typically comprise a mix of Japanese runners and Japan-based Kenyan athletes.[4] Previous winners include Olympic gold medallists Samuel Wanjiru and Derartu Tulu, eight-time European cross country champion Serhiy Lebid, and Tegla Loroupe – twice winner of the New York City Marathon.[2]

The competition is televised on the NHK BS-1 channel by the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, the country's public broadcaster.[7] After the International Chiba Ekiden, the Chiba International Cross Country is the prefecture's premier athletics event.[8]

The Chiba International Cross Country has also hosted the Asian Cross Country Championship race on two occasions (1995, 1997).[2]

Past senior race winners

Two-time Chiba winner Samuel Wanjiru at the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Tegla Loroupe won the women's race in 1997 and 1999.
  • Note: Race data unavailable prior to 1987.[2]

Key:   Asian Championship race   8 km course (All other men's races 12 km and women's races 6 km)

Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
1st 1966 Not available Not available
22nd 1987  Shuichi Yoneshige (JPN) 35:17  Jacqueline Perkins (AUS) 19:45
23rd 1988  Andrew Lloyd (AUS) 35:03  Carolyn Schuwalow (AUS) 21:19
24th 1989  Arturo Barrios (MEX) 34:28  Carolyn Schuwalow (AUS) 19:33
25th 1990  Brahim Boutayeb (MAR) 34:04  Carolyn Schuwalow (AUS) 19:01
26th 1991  Addis Abebe (ETH) 34:39  Derartu Tulu (ETH) 19:36
27th 1992  Thomas Osano (KEN) 35:03  Delilah Asiago (KEN) 19:24
28th 1993  Mathias Ntawulikura (RWA) 36:01  Viktoriya Nenasheva (RUS) 20:04
29th 1994  Gert Thys (RSA) 35:35  Nadezhda Galliamova (RUS) 19:25
30th 1995  Daniel Njenga (KEN) 35:32  Tudorita Chidu (ROU) 19:17
31st 1996  Brad Barquist (USA) 36:37  Iulia Olteanu (ROU) 20:05
32nd 1997  Mathias Ntawulikura (RWA) 35:50  Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 19:55
33rd 1998  Julius Gitahi (KEN) 36:32  Sally Barsosio (KEN) 20:37
34th 1999  Julius Kiptoo (KEN) 35:14  Tegla Loroupe (KEN) 26:00
35th 2000  Serhiy Lebid (UKR) 35:38  Yoshiko Ichikawa (JPN) 26:53
36th 2001  Samuel Kabiru (KEN) 23:33  Iulia Olteanu (ROU) 19:26
37th 2002  Craig Mottram (AUS) 35:29  Benita Johnson (AUS) 25:43
38th 2003  Ricardo Ribas (POR) 36:27  Benita Johnson (AUS) 26:09
39th 2004  Samuel Wanjiru (KEN) 35:04  Benita Johnson (AUS) 18:38
40th 2005  Samuel Wanjiru (KEN) 34:54  Miwako Yamanaka (JPN) 20:01
41st 2006  Ryan Hall (USA) 35:22  Sara Hall (USA) 19:12
42nd 2007  Joseph Gitau (KEN) 35:05  Anália Rosa (POR) 19:15
43rd 2008  Harun Mbugua (KEN) 35:27  Lucy Wangui (KEN) 19:50
44th 2009  Bedan Karoki (KEN) 34:40  Yuko Shimizu (JPN) 19:38
45th 2010  Bedan Karoki (KEN) 34:52  Misaki Katsumata (JPN) 19:39
46th 2011[9]  Bedan Karoki (KEN) 33:58  Hitomi Niiya (JPN) 25:53
47th 2012[10]  Charles Ndirangu (KEN) 34:59  Susan Wairimu (KEN) 26:41
48th 2013[11]  Charles Ndirangu (KEN) 35:01  Rosemary Wanjiru (KEN) 26:08
49th 2014 cancelled due to snow storms
50th 2015[12]  Charles Ndirangu (KEN) 36:14  Zoe Buckman (AUS) 28:37
51st 2016  Rodgers Kwemoi (KEN) 25:05  Yuki Kanehira (JPN) 29:04


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