Chinese Communist Party Committee Secretary

A Party Committee Secretary (Chinese: 党委书记; pinyin: dǎngwěi shūjì) is the leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organization in a province, city, village, or other administrative region. In most cases, it is the de facto highest political office of its area of jurisdiction. The term can also be used for the leadership position of CCP organizations in state-owned enterprises, private companies, foreign-owned companies, universities, hospitals, as well as other institutions of the state.[1][2][3]

Chinese Communist Party Committee Secretary
Simplified Chinese党委书记
Traditional Chinese黨委書記
Short form
Simplified Chinese书记
Traditional Chinese書記

Post-Cultural Revolution, the CCP is responsible for the formulation of policies and the government is responsible for its day-to-day execution. At every level of jurisdiction, a government leader serves alongside the party secretary. For example, in the case of a province, the provincial Party Secretary is the de facto highest office, but the government is headed by a government leader called a "Governor" (simplified Chinese: 省长; traditional Chinese: 省長; pinyin: shěng zhǎng). The Governor is usually the second-highest-ranking official in the party's Provincial Committee, and holds the concurrent title of "Deputy Party Committee Secretary" (simplified Chinese: 省委副书记; traditional Chinese: 省委副書記; pinyin: shěng wěi fù shū jì). A similar comparison can be made for municipal Party Secretaries and Mayors.

There have been rare instances where both Party Secretary and Governor (or Mayor) positions were held by the same person, though this is not the common practice since the end of the Cultural Revolution. The Party Secretary is usually assisted by numerous Deputy Party Secretaries.

Until the 1980s, the leading position of a local party organization was called the First Secretary, its deputy the "Second Secretary". The local party organizations each had its own Secretariat with numerous secretaries.

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