Christchurch City Council

The Christchurch City Council is the local government authority for Christchurch in New Zealand. It is a territorial authority elected to represent the 389,300 people of Christchurch.[1] Since October 2022, the Mayor of Christchurch is Phil Mauger, who succeeded after the retirement of Lianne Dalziel.[2] The council currently consists of 16 councillors elected from sixteen wards, and is presided over by the mayor, who is elected at large. The number of elected members and ward boundaries changed prior during the 2016 election.

Christchurch City Council
Phil Mauger
Chief Executive
Dawn Baxendale
First-past-the-post (FPP)
Fide condita, fructu beata, spe fortis
Meeting place
Christchurch Civic Offices, Worcester Street frontage
A view of part of Christchurch's central business district, showing former civic offices (building on lower right corner) and the former New Zealand Post office, which was updated in 2009–10 by the architectural firm Ian Athfield and Associates to become the new civic offices (large white building in centre right rear). The Avon River flows through the city centre.

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