Christian Democrats (Sweden)

The Christian Democrats (Swedish: Kristdemokraterna [ˈkrɪ̂sːtdɛmʊˌkrɑːtɛɳa] (listen); KD) is a Christian-democratic[14] political party in Sweden founded in March 1964. It first entered parliament in 1985, through electoral cooperation with the Centre Party, and in 1991 broke through to win seats by itself. The party leader since 25 April 2015 has been Ebba Busch.[15] She succeeded Göran Hägglund, who had been leader since 2004.

Christian Democrats
LeaderEbba Busch
Founded20 March 1964; 58 years ago (1964-03-20)
HeadquartersMunkbron 1, Stockholm
Student wingChristian Democratic Student League
Youth wingYoung Christian Democrats
Women's wingChristian Democratic Women's League
Membership (2020) 24,894[1]
Political positionCentre-right[8] to right-wing[9]
European affiliationEuropean People's Party
International affiliationCentrist Democrat International
European Parliament groupEuropean People's Party
Nordic affiliationCentre Group
ColoursBlue, white
19 / 349
European Parliament[11]
2 / 21
County councils[12]
119 / 1,696
Municipal councils[13]
676 / 12,700

The party name was for a long time abbreviated to KDS (standing for Kristen demokratisk samling pronunciation , Christian Democratic Unity), until 1996, when the party changed its name to the current Christian Democrats and its abbreviation to KD.

The KD was a minor party in the centre-right Alliance coalition government led by Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt between 2006 and 2014 and later a part of the centre-right opposition until it dissolved in January 2019. Since 2021 the KD mainly cooperates with the Moderate Party, Liberals and the Sweden Democrats.

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