Church of Saint Anne, Jerusalem

The Church of Saint Anne (French: Église Sainte-Anne, Latin: Ecclesia S. Anna, Arabic: كنيسة القديسة حنة, Hebrew: כנסיית סנטה אנה) is a French Roman Catholic church and French national domain[1] located at before start of the Via Dolorosa, between the Lions' Gate and of the Second Station of the Cross (the churches of the Flagellation and Condemnation), in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Church of Saint Anne
French: Église Sainte-Anne
Latin: Ecclesia S. Anna
Arabic: كنيسة القديسة حنة
Hebrew: כנסיית סנטה אנה
Exterior view
AffiliationRoman Catholic
LeadershipWhite Fathers
LocationOld City of Jerusalem

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