List of churches and chapels on Gotland

The Swedish island of Gotland has since the early Middle Ages had a large number of churches and chapels.

Medieval churches

There are 92 medieval churches on Gotland; the island has more well-preserved medieval churches than any other part of Sweden. The medieval churches of Gotland constitute a coherent group of medieval architecture and is therefore listed in a separate article.

Churches and chapels of Gotland

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Name Main construction period Coordinates Image Notes References
Gnisvärd Chapel183957°30′26″N 18°06′44″E[1]
Gotska Sandön Chapel58°23′19.3″N 19°11′47.5″E
Hallshuk Chapel57.9250°N 18.7424°E / 57.9250; 18.7424 (Hallshuk Chapel)
Kovik Chapel196357°24′33″N 18°09′53″E
Pentecostal Church of Visby198857°37′39″N 18°18′09″EThe church belongs to the Swedish Pentecostal Movement. It has been in use since 1988.[2]
Slite Church196057°42′26″N 18°47′45″EThe church was designed by the Danish architect Holger Jensen and built 1959–1960. It is built using only local materials. It has sculptures made by a local artist, Bertil Nyström.
Terra Nova Church57°36′48.26″N 18°18′41.47″EThe church dates from 1983 and was designed by architect Hans Wieland. It was inaugurated by Bishop Tore Furberg [sv].[3]
Vibble Chapel57°36′02.3″N 18°14′59.3″E
Visborg Church196957°37′28″N 18°17′06″EVisborg Church was built in 1969, to designs by architect Per Erik Nilsson.
Visby Catholic Church198257°38′31″N 18°17′43″EThe church, which was inaugurated by Bishop Hubertus Brandenburg in 1982, it is the first Catholic church to be built on Gotland since the Middle Ages. It lies in the centre of Visby.[4]
Vårdklockan Church187557°38′18″N 18°17′44″EBelonging to the Uniting Church in Sweden[5]


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