Clan Menzies

For Menzies as a personal name, including its pronunciation and a list of famous people of that name, see Menzies.

Clan Menzies
Crest: A savage head erased Proper
Motto‘Vil God I Zal’ God willing I shall[1]
War cryGeal 'us Dearg a suas.[2]
(Up with the White and Red)[3]
Plant badgeThe Menzies' Heath.[1][2]
Pipe musicPiobairreachd a' Mheinnearaich.[4] Or the Menzies' March.[1]
David Ronald Steuart Menzies of that Ilk[5]
(Am Meinnearach.[5])
SeatCastle Menzies[6]
Septs of Clan Menzies
MacAndeoir, MacIndeoir, MacIndeor, MacIndoer, MacJore, MacKmunish, MacMean, MacMeans, MacMein, MacMeinn, MacMen, MacMenzies, MacMin, MacMina, MacMine, MacMindes, MacMinn, MacMinne, MacMinnies, MacMinnis, MacMonies, MacMonnies, MacMyn, MacMyne, MacMynneis, McMenzies, McMenzie, Mainzies, Makmunish, Makmynnes, Manzie, Manzies, Maynhers, McMinn, McMindes, McMinds, Mean, Meanie, Meanies, Means, Mearns, Megnies, Meignees, Meigneis, Meigners, Meignerys, Meignes, Meignez, Mein, Meine, Meineris, Meingnes, Meingzeis, Meingzes, Meinn, Meinyeis, Meinyies, Meinzeis, Meinzies, Menees, Mengues, Mengyeis, Mengzeis, Mengzes, Mengzies, Mennes, Mennie, Menyas, Menyeis, Menyheis, Menyhes, Menzas, Menzeis, Menzes, Menzeys, Menzheis, Menzhers, Menzies, Menzis, Meygners, Meygnes, Meyneiss, Meyner, Meyneris, Meyners, Meyness, Miners, Mingie, Mings, Minn, Minnis, Minnish, Minnus, Minze, Minzes, Monsie, Monzie, Munnies
Clan Menzies Tartan
The Clan Menzies tartan in colors.
Tartan registries
Scottish Tartans Authority#894
Scottish Tartans World Register#894
Scottish Register of Tartans entryClan Menzies
A romantic depiction of a clansman illustrated by R. R. McIan, from James Logan's The Clans of the Scottish Highlands, 1845.

Clan Menzies (listen ); Scottish Gaelic: Clann Mèinnear, a member is a Mèinnearach) is a Highland Scottish clan.

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