Cleomenes III

Cleomenes III (Ancient Greek: Κλεομένης) was one of the two kings of Sparta from 235 to 222 BC. He was a member of the Agiad dynasty and succeeded his father, Leonidas II. He is known for his attempts to reform the Spartan state.

Cleomenes III
King of Sparta
Kings Agis and Cleomenes, late 17th century engraving.
Reign235–222 BC
PredecessorLeonidas II
SuccessorAgesipolis III
Bornc. 265–260 BC
Died219 BC
IssueUnknown (at least one son)
FatherLeonidas II
Silver tetradrachm depicting Kleomenes III. Reverse: statue of Artemis Ortheia brandishing a spear and holding a bow, ΛΑ(ΚΩΝΩΝ), of Laconians.

From 229 to 222 BC, Cleomenes waged war against the Achaean League under Aratus of Sicyon. After being defeated by the Achaeans in the Battle of Sellasia in 222 BC, he fled to Ptolemaic Egypt. After a failed revolt in 219 BC, he committed suicide.