Clydesdale (pronounced /ˈkldzdl/; Dail Chluaidh in Scottish Gaelic, pronounced [t̪ʰal̪ˠ ˈxl̪ˠuəj]) is an archaic name for Lanarkshire, a county in Scotland. From 1975 to 1996 it was also the name given to one of the nineteen districts of the Strathclyde region.[2] They take their names from strath, dale (place name element) (see dale as a landform) and the river Clyde.[3]

  Succeeded by(Part of) South Lanarkshire
GovernmentClydesdale District Council

Initially named after its principal town Lanark,[2] the district was formed by the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 and was roughly conterminous to Lanarkshire's 'upper ward' – its southern part, the largest in area but more rural and agricultural in character than the 'middle' and 'lower' wards which referred to the many densely-populated industrial towns in and around the Clyde Valley, and to the city of Glasgow.[4] Upon its creation, the desired composition was described as:[5]

  • In the county of Lanark—the burghs of Biggar, Lanark; the First, Second, Third districts.

The other districts created from Lanarkshire were East Kilbride, Glasgow (although for most purposes it had already operated under its own controlling body since 1893), Hamilton, Monklands and Motherwell. In 1996 the districts and regions were abolished by the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 and replaced by 32 council areas, with Clydesdale's territory falling within South Lanarkshire.

The term continues locally, usually in contexts comparing issues affecting the rural southern territory differently to the more urbanised north, or in names of organisations which focus on the area around Lanark.[6][7] Four of the multi-member wards used by South Lanarkshire Council since 2007 use the name: Clydesdale East, Clydesdale North, Clydesdale South and Clydesdale West[8][9] with a combined population of 61,613 in 2019;[10] these roughly correspond to the Clydesdale constituency of the Scottish Parliament established in 1999.

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